General conditions

Starting on 31/3/2020 and until the last day of 2020, for all the bookings made in we will not charge you to book and the guest can cancel any time whithout any penalty.The total payment it will be made at the check in. On the January 1st 2021 onwards, remain the next rule:

The guest will lose 30% of the total value of the rental if will cancel after reservation made and will lose the total reservation if will be canceled within 42 days before the day of the check-in

Check-in time - after 2pm

Time to check out - until 10am

Parties and events are not allowed

Pet's not allowed

It is not allowed to smoke inside the appartment's

Half stay cleaning will be carried out between 10am and 18pm, unless agreed whith the guest the best time to do it

Once the reservation has been made and the number of guests has agreed, it will never be possible to exceed or combined number, otherwise it will be canceled to reservation whithout giving back the money already payed